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I don’t remember how I got my first bicycle. I think I was seven. I vaguely remember my father running after me, holding the bike. During the long summer holidays, on the dusty roads of a Central Asian metropolis through the shimmering heat of 40 degrees, my bike became my best friend. Now, decades later I put my child on her first bicycle at the age of 3 and she rides along the perfect sidewalks under the cooling shades of trees and city buildings exploring Zurich for the first time by bike. “Come, we will ride far, far away!” I mean taking her to the lakeside which is on the other side of the town. She is thrilled. She is in love with her Banwood and is ready for her first “Far, Far Away”!

Zurich bei Bike mit Banwood für Kinder

Zürich bei Bike

We have created this biking route through the city of Zurich which is fun and easy for little balance bikers. It goes all the way from the Industrial district (Kreis 5) to Zurich Lake. It’s a perfect path to show your child the contrast between the modern and old parts and to have a great day as a family. It goes parallel to the tramways, so you can stop anytime if your kid gets tired and take the tram instead of riding. There are lots of fun distractions for the kids on the way, swimming in the river or the lake, cycling around Sechseläutenplatz, and plenty of places for lunch or ice cream. You can ride as far as you like and take the tram back home.

These days most kids start out with a balance bike because it’s a great way to learn balance and acquire the balance skills very effectively. There are just a few things to consider before buying the first bike.

  1. The bike must fit. Depending on your child’s height you may need 12″ wheels, 10″ wheels, or 14″ wheels. Make sure that your child’s feet are flat on the ground while they sit on the bike, once your child is more confident about riding, you can lift the seat. As a rule, 3 years old kids are tall enough to ride a balance bike.

  2. The bike should be as light as you can find. As a rule, a balance bike should be no more than 30% of a child’s body weight.

  3. The bike should have air filled tires instead of solid tires. Air filled tires provide much more traction and cushioning and roll better.

Though balance bikes look almost the same, they are certainly not all created equal. Banwood First Go Balance Bike is probably one of the best and the prettiest balance bikes on the market. It’s known for its cool vintage design but many people overlook its great qualities. With 12″ wheels and only 4.5 Kg weight, Banwood makes it easier for a toddler to manage riding. Its saddle and grips are made of a soft high-end faux leather and it has a cute wicker basket. Plus, for every bike colour, there is a matching hard shell helmet. I wish they made Banwood in adult versions too.

We have ordered our Banwood First Go Balance Bike and the matching green helmet at My Little Room – mylittleroom.ch, online store based in Geneva but you can also find Banwood in many kid`s stores and online stores in Switzerland: Erny Baby World, Little Company Shop, Alabama Trading Post, Baby-Center Wurmito, Kinderladen ELF, BabyBox, JÖ Shop, Nordichaus, Jolene`s room GmbH, Boutique Herz & Krone, CASPAR concept store, La petite tribu, Drei-Käse-Hoch, Hutter Dynamics, Souhail, Frohsinn Concept Store, Herzkäfer, My Snowflake Kindermöbel, Stadtlandkind, Toc Toc di Simona Balmelli, U-TIGER, Yilmaz Childish and etc.

If you want your kid riding in style like a rocket, now you can make it happen because we are giving away one Banwood First Go Balance Bike in the colour of your choice here 👉 Link.

Zürich bei Bike

Zürich bei Bike

Zurich by Bike

Zürich bei Banwood Laufrad und Fahrradhelm

Banwood Laufrad und Fahrradhelm in Zürich Schweiz

Zurich by Bike

Zürich bei Bike

Entdecken Zürich mit Kindern

Zürich mit Kindern

Discover Zurich with children

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Zurich by Bike

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