Coffee and motherhood – a match made in heaven

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I love coffee. I drink coffee for many good reasons: to enjoy the silent moments or to shake my system when it starts to drop off to sleep. I love coffee because it brings people together over a conversation. As much as I like my silent moments, I like my coffee in the company of a good friend. Inviting another mother for a coffee signalling a moment for connection and exchange – my favorite coffee ritual! I love my coffee even more when I have a special occasion. This time, I have invited a mom friend Minnal for a playdate with the kids at home and for testing with me a brand new coffee machine – NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® GENIO S Touch.


While the kids were loudly playing, we both got excited over a conversation about coffee in general. We both agreed, the GENIO S Touch is just a perfect coffee machine for a family because of it’s super compact size and all amazing features available. Everyone likes their coffee differently. GENIO S Touch will make a perfect cup of coffee every single time in less than 30 seconds. You can control the preparation process, the temperature (hot or cold) and even the drink size (from small to extra large), and create over 30 coffee creations that perfectly match every taste.  

“Coffee and being a mom go together. Coffee and motherhood – a match made in heaven, I would say! My usual coffee ritual: I wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than my monkeys and get the coffee machine going. I sit by myself and drink my morning elixir (warm, black, extra strong coffee) and I’m ready to take on the day: organizing play dates, working and managing the house – everything for me revolves around coffee. What I absolutely love about GENIO S Touch is the new espresso boost option for a more intense cup.” – Minnal (@minnalinzurich

Minnal thinks that coffee and motherhood – a match made in heaven, and I cannot agree more. Maybe it’s made by GENIO S Touch 😉

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*This article was written in collaboration with NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto. Images ©️ Elena Habicher and Family First.

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