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I realized I got so excited blogging, I didn’t properly introduce myself!

My name is Elena and I live in Zurich. I am a mom of two sweethearts and a wife to a good man, and a brain and face behind Family First Switzerland. In the past, I worked in art and print media and even ran my own restaurant but becoming a mother truly gave me a confidence I never had before and opened the door to a whole new career.

Although I started Family First. as an online city guide for families with kids in Switzerland, I am grateful that it organically turned into a personal blog, community and then a career. A career where I can use my platform to bring international and local parents together and make Family First their inspiring go-to destination to all things to do, home, food, events, news, trends, lifestyle and travel with kids in Switzerland and beyond. There is no parenting advice or judgement on my mama blog, just self-styled shoots, reviews and interviews, personal views on things and places we love together with my kids alongside personal posts about the motherhood journey and family life in Switzerland.

Apart from my family and Family First. I am, just like many moms out there, still passionate about art, vintage, reading, beauty and fashion, of course, if ever get the time. More about my life you will find on my Instagram where I mix my family lifestyle, updates from my website and my motherhood vibes.

Thank you for being here!