Basel with kids and family

Basel with kids and family is great because it is surrounded by two countries at once: France and Germany. The city itself has a modern and an old town that has plenty to offer for family and kids, such as playgrounds and badies, as well as a lot of cultural things. Not only in summer is Basel a great place to be, there are fun things to be done all year round.

Basel mit Kindern auf Family First1. Playgrounds – If it’s sunny, for once there are the amazing “Robi” playgrounds – four of them around the city. Here, kids can play, build things and solve riddles – the playgrounds are open year round and are supervised by Robi-staff so that your children are safe to play while the parents can relax. The “Spielfeld Gundeldinger Feld” is another outdoor activity for families where kids can play, climb and move around freely. If it’s raining, the “Spielboden Kliebeck” or “Freizeithalle Rosen” are great alternatives. Kids can trampoline, play pingpong, climb inside and more, all under a roof so that it’s possible to go there no matter the weather.

Tierpark Lange Erlen auf Family First2. Tierpark Lange Erlen – The “Tierpark Lange Erlen” is a great way of teaching kids about nature and its inhabitants while still doing something fun – here, they can observer deer, owls and wild hogs in their natural habitat.

Zoo Basel auf Family First3. Zoo Basel – The zoo in Basel, which is also known as “Zolli”, is the oldest zoo in the country. It is a great activity when it’s sunny or rainy alike, and an amazing day out for kids. You can go by yourself or take part in a guided tour – or even celebrate your kid’s birthday party with the animals.

Gartenbad & Sportbad St. Jakob auf Family First4. Gartenbad & Sportbad St. Jakob – Swimming is a great activity for families because not only will the kids have fun, but the parents can exercise a little bit too – if they want. Or they could just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet while the little ones are splashing around in the pool. There are also pools specifically for families in the Gartenbad St. Jakob, too.

Fähre fahen mit Kindern, Kinderaktivitäten in Basel5. Fähre fahen – Going on a boat trip is especially great for when you have visitors over because they can enjoy the scenery while being sat on a boat and enjoying some fresh air. The ferry operates daily between 11 am and 11 pm, sometimes even longer. You can rent your own ferry for CHF150 an hour.

Birsköpfli mit Kindern in Basel auf Family First6. Birsköpfli – A trip to Birsköpfli a must in summer – it is a bathing area in Basel which is close to the city of Birsfelden, hence the name. The natural pool is located where the rivers Birs and Rhine meet – great for a refreshing dip for when the sun is especially hot in the summer months.

Park im Grünen Basel for Familien und Kinder auf Family First7. Park im Grünen Basel – A visit to the park is an absolute must for families during the summer, no different for families in Basel. The “Park im Grünen Münchenstein” is being sponsored and maintained by supermarket group Migros who also own the restaurant located in the park. This is a great area to come for relaxation and some time out in nature, but still in the city.

Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel auf Family First - best Kinderveranstaltungen und Aktivitäten in der Schweiz8. Spielzeug Welten Museum – This one is great for kids and adults alike – the toy museum. There are tons of dolls and teddy bears, 6000 in total, and also miniature models of all kinds of toys. This museum is located in the center of Basel, so very easy to reach by foot or public transport. There are often special exhibitions, so check the website to see what is on currently.

Augusta Raurica Basel fur Familien und Kinder9. Augusta Raurica – The Augusta Raurica is a antique theater that tells of roman history and exhibits the biggest silver treasure of the late antiquity. There is even an app to accompany your visit, so this is a great opportunity for children to learn about history and also go on an adventure.

Aquabasilea Basel fur Kinder und Eltern 10. Aquabasilea – The Aqua Basilea is a Spa and wellness pool for kids and families. You can buy tickets at an hourly rate, a four hour ticket or day tickets to stay from when it opens til closing time. Birthday kids get free entry!

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