The weekend`s highlight is the Hello Family Clubevent

Have you been looking forward to a nice weekend with kids? Here it comes, play, fun and Schwiizergoofe concert: on Sunday, 8th October (10.00-17.00), is a big party in Verkehrshausn in Lucerne  – Hello Family Clubevent im Verkehrshaus (Link)!


Here are some highlights of the event:

  • Schwiizergoofe Performance: 10.30, 13.30 and 16.00. Each performance lasts around 30min
  • JaMaDu Birthday Celebration: 10th Birthday Anniversary with different surprises for big and small. In addition, a fun balloon contest at 11.30 and 14.30
  • Plus, bouncy castle, fairytale counter with Jolanda Steiner
  • And much more

Ticket price: Hello Family club members can expect 50% discount on all Tickets:

  • CHF 15.- instead of CHF 30.- for grown-ups
  • CHF 7.50.- instead of CHF 15.- for children (6-16y.o.)
  • CHF 32.50.- instead of CHF 65.- for family tickets


Hello Family Event für Kinder

Hello Family Event für Kinder

Events for kids today

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