Self-care: 5 things I can`t live without.

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Between parenting and the pandemic, the past years have given us plenty of reasons to feel anxious and stressed – which is why self-care has become more important for just absolutely everyone.

Wellness and mental health is about whatever you need to feel happier or more relaxed. For some people, that means taking a bubble bath or firing up a yoga app. For others, it may be whipping up an indulgent dessert or going for a walk around the neighbourhood. For me there is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than a spa day recreated at home; like masks and pilings, relaxation rituals and tools. Therefore, I would like to share with you a few products that help my well being every single day.

Air Up Bottle 1. Air Up Bottle (Link) – I used to constantly forget to drink enough water but since I discovered Air Up drinking water became a fun activity. It`s absolutely healthy and very simple: a suction of the Air Up bottle brings not only the water but also air from outside through the inserted Air Up Aroma Pod into the mouth. The water smells good and this makes you enjoy and drink plenty of water every day. Also, my children use Air Up on the daily basis. We all have never enjoyed water so much as we do now and consume at least 2-3 litters of water a day!


RadBag Massage Pistol2. Massage Pistol (available on RadBag – if you enjoy massage but the luxury to order a massage service at home is above your budget, then this fitness gadget can become an affordable and accessible alternative. Although it sounds like a drill it`s very safe to use. Basically, it works as a type of percussion vibration therapy. It helps to increase blood and lymphatic circulation, which allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles and therefore to relieve stress and relax the whole body. It’s a great tool to make massage easy and fun. There are a lot of massage gangs on the market, but this from RadBag is probably the cheapest.

Aloha Sleep Watch3. ALOHA a wake-up light and sleep activator by Terraillon (Link) – If someone can tell you about poor sleep at night then is me. I know how important sleep rhythm and good sleep habits are. With the use of specifically set lights (red and blue), this device is helping to fall asleep faster and wake up in a very natural way. I love Aloha because it helps me to create a sleeping ritual that is accessible to practice every day without any hassle. It also can be used during some relaxation exercises like yoga or meditation.

Pranamat Eco4. Pranamat ECO, the Lotus Flower Set  (Link) – working similarly to acupressure and acupuncture, the plastic points of the mat stimulate pressure points along the meridians of the body. It helps with headaches, neck and back pain, and insomnia. Pranamat ECO also meets the strict EU certifications under safety laws. The lotus flowers are attached to the carpet by Swiss OEKO-TEX without the use of adhesives in accordance with certified EU standards. Lotus plastics are certified and do not contain any heavy metals. I love my Pranamat because it helps me to feel good in the moment, reducing physical and mental tension straightaway.

5. Good books (available at Here is one of the best expert-approved self-care tips: trade your morning perusal through Instagram feed with something positive like an uplifting book, or a happy podcast. Here are just a few books that can help to learn about mindedness and self-care.


*Advertising. Some of the items mentioned in this article were sponsored and some were bought by me. I only ever mention products that I would recommend, whether I was being compensated or not. Image rights ©Family First & Elena Habicher.


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