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It doesn’t takes a village to raise a child, when you join Family First Switzerland!

Family First is a new independent web portal created for settled families or for those who want to visit Switzerland with their children. Our website contains fresh content on family life in the city, blog, tips and recommendations from local parents and comprehensive web directories focused on kid-friendly events, locations, businesses and services in Switzerland.

If you are a child at heart or a curious parent with childen younger than 12y.o., make Family First your place to find the best trends, places and things to do with family and kids in Switzerland. Feel free to use our sources and participate in our website activities. Follow this link to join our newsletter. For parents and families

If you are a event organizer or a business owner, and look for ways to connect with family-related network in Switzerland, make Family First your partner! We can help to increase your visitors and to grab the attention of your target audience. Follow this link for more information. For event organizer and businesses