I’m nominated as a mama blogger!

I would have never imagined being nominated as a mama blogger, but how exciting, Family First was noticed and my blog was nominated for The Liebster Award! I’m probably not a perfect mom and maybe not the greatest blogger, I’m just trying my best to get connected to other parents like me and to inspire them with my website which is all about kid`s friendly addresses, events, trends and tips.

MR: How the idea of Family First was born?
FF: It’s been a process. Around a year ago I was at the stage where I was looking for new direction in my professional life where I could use my creative and entrepreneurial potential. As I had been working in media already, I’ve always interested in all kind of magazines and city guides. But there was another thing that was bothering me as a parent. There were family blogs and event calendars but not some kind of city guide that would offer more resources on what’s on for their kids in town. So, I decided to combine those two things and here we are! However, I`m only at very the beginning of my project development and there is a lot to work on.

MR: How often do you blog?
FF: Family First is divided into 3 parts – event calendar, listing directory and the blog with articles, reviews and tips. To stay focus and to be able to have all 3 elements running well, I plan my articles in advance and sometimes work on several posts at the same time. I try to upload my blogs minimum once a week.  

MR: You are originally from Tadschikistan? What brings you to Switzerland?
FF: Yes, I`m from beautiful Central Asia with love of course! I can only thank a lucky coincidence to meet a guy of my life with whom we could settle in Switzerland and have a happily-ever-after for the last 12 years now.

MR: German is not your mother tongue. Do you write German texts for blogs yourself?
FF: It`s not easy, but it is important for me to run Family First in German and English to be able to reach both local and expat families and connect them together. It is all about our kids and not about languages we speak. I write my texts first in English and then translate it into German.

MR: Your daughter is growing up 3 languages. What kind of challenges do you face?
FF: In our family, each of us has his own language, sometimes it’s not easy but it’s fun in a way! However, for me the most important that my daughter is fully integrated and I’m happy her first language is Swiss German.

MR: What is your favourite place in Zurich?
FF: My favourite place in Zurich is Zurich! I’m crazy in love with this city, its places and people. I like to hangout in my neighbourhood in Kreis 5, the urban life inspires me and gives me a lot of energy, and it’s a great area for raising kids too.

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Ein von City Guide ?? Families Kids (@family_first_switzerland) gepostetes Foto am

MR: What is your favourite place in the whole Switzerland?
FF: This country is just too beautiful not to love it as the whole. Everywhere you go you are going to love it thinking you found your favourite place now. But to be precise, I would say, one of my favourite cities in Switzerland is Luzern, I feel like I’m on holiday there.

MR: Any suggestions, what can I do on a rainy afternoon with my kids?
FF: There are so many things you can do: from getting sporty at indoor playgrounds to taking it a bit easier at local museums or libraries. My personal tip is Orell Fussli Zurich that has a little indoor playground, tonnes of books for little ones and Starbucks cafe for moms!

MR: Are you a Helicopter or a Laisser Faire Mum?
FF: Haha! I’m something in between, I’m an emotional person, but I’m not a Helicopter neither a Laisser Faire mom, I think when you have kids it’s important to show them that your decisions, words and behavior are based on common sense and you know how to take it cool and easy but it’s also important to be open to them about your emotions, feelings, worries and fears.

MR: Soon you are becoming a new baby. What is the best age difference?
FF: There is no best age difference, it’s just great when you want to have a second one, or maybe the 3rd one, anytime you and your body are ready for it. Unfortunately not every woman can get pregnant when she wants it and it might take more time. This was in my case too, but now 5 years difference feels like a perfect match.

MR: Is there any good places where pregnant women can let pamper themselves in Zurich?
FF: Oh yes, there are spa salons and beauty centres that offer to spoil any pregnant lady with massages and treatments, but for me, it’s important to stay active as much as possible. Exercising, swimming, hiking will do better to the pregnant body than any spa treatments.

The purpose of  The Liebster Award is to introduce new blogs and to discover more about bloggers themselves. Thank you, Mama Rocks for this lovely nomination and your challenging questions. Now I can nominate up to 11 bloggers, but despite good Family First top 10 tradition I have chosen 4 mama blogs from Switzerland and here are their names:

  1. Happy Mum Blog
  2. Mom in Zurich
  3. Mama on the rocks
  4. Swiss Lark

Dear mummies, here are my questions (in German):

  1. Warum hast Du begonnen, zu bloggen?
  2. Wie oft bloggst du?
  3. Was sind weitere Interessensbereiche neben Deinem Blog-Thema?
  4. Welche drei Worte beschreiben Dich am besten?
  5. Welche Momente mit Deinem Kind findest Du am schönsten?
  6. Wie vereinbarst du Familie und Beruf/Blog? Hast du Tipps für uns?
  7. Was hast du dir ganz anders vorgestellt, bevor du Kinder hattest?
  8. Wie würdest du deinen Erziehungsstil beschreiben?
  9. Was sind eure Lieblingsempfehlungen für Unternehmungen?
  10. Was tust du am liebsten, wenn du mal ohne Kinder bist?
  11. Was wünscht Du Dir für’s nächste Jahr (im Bezug auf Deinen Blog oder generell)?

Thank you ladies for your answers! Please link to this post and pass the award to other bloggers out there!

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