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The HIF International Summer Camp 2019 is a two-week learning adventure, high above the world at 1700 metres on the campus of the Hochalpines Institut Ftan (HIF) in the Engadine Valley, Switzerland. The HIF International Summer Adventure Camp brings together young people from around the world to live and learn together in this amazing landscape. These two weeks in the summer sun of the high mountains will be a time to remember for the thrills, the friendships, for the fun and laughter, and for the inspiration you will take home with you.


LEARN: Summer work-out for your English or German skills, based on individual learning targets. Practice all day, in the evenings and at weekends doing fantastic adventure activities.

EXPLORE: The Alps with its wild life, rushing rivers, forests, ravines, mountain peaks and glaciers. On foot, on bike, on a river raft or on horseback.

DISCOVER: New talents. Discover what other young people from around the world think and feel as you learn and explore together. Discover how you too can help organize and lead an activity as a team member.

DEVELOP: The confidence to face challenges as you practise new skills such as rock climbing, river rafting, horseback riding in two adventure-packed weeks.

The HIF Campus extends along the mountain side with the floor of the valley far below. From the window of your room you look out in the morning at a stupendous panorama of Alpine peaks that stretches away into the distance. You will have the world at your feet, waiting for you at the start of each new day.

A typical day at our summer school consists of language tuition in the morning, either in German or English. In the afternoons and during several day trips the students will enjoy a high variety of sports and cultural activities.


Language Classes
Mornings are spent working on your individual learning targets in English or German in small classes with HIF’s own teachers. Lessons are lively and varied with a mix of speaking, writing, listening, games, quizzes and projects.

Non-stop learning
Use your language talents to communicate with others when you are planning, organising and taking part in the fantastic activities and in the evening programmes.You’ll fi nd this is the most natural way of learning and you’ll be amazed at how much progress you make.

Sport for all
HIF is one of the top sports schools in Switzerland and has trained and educated Olympic and World Champions. Hardly surprising then that it has sports equipment, facilities and professional sports coaches of the highest standard. The gymnasium is equipped with a climbing wall, an athletic trampoline and an outdoor trampoline. At HIF Summer Camp you can also discover the big thrills of rock climbing or white-water river rafting. Everyone – athlete or beginner – is encouraged to have a go at all the sports: Soccer, Golf, Swimming, River rafting, Hiking, Climbing, Tennis, Horseback riding, Scooter tours.

Adventure : Explore, Discover and Develop
Cooking on a camp fi re under a starry sky and sleeping in a tent requires good preparation, organisation and, most of all, teamwork and leadership; hiking in the Swiss National Park to observe wild life such as mountain goats, red deer, vultures and eagles; white-water rafting on the River Inn with expert guides; horseback riding and experiencing the thrills in a rope park – learn to play a responsible role in the success of such thrilling adventures.

Creative and fun activities
The Summer Camp talent show is a chance to discover your talent. Perhaps you’re a singer, a magician, a dancer or a comedian. Or you might be in the crew that does the lighting, creates the costumes, does the make-up – show business has a role for everyone. When the day is over, there is still lots of good fun: games, karaoke, sports
tournaments, BBQs, music and dancing and the last-evening-of-camp party.

Culture – Allegra!
On excursions into the region you will visit Tarasp Castle, towering in mystery above the valley. Bake a local cake speciality and get to learn a few words of Romansh such as the cheerful “Allegra!” greeting. From the surrounding fields you can hear the tinkling of bells around the necks of cows which produce milk for the famous Swiss chocolate. All of this – and more – is waiting for you to discover.

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