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It has been a while since my last post. Dealing with the lockdown literally took all my time and energy. However, this situation had allowed me to shift my focus on my home and family and actually helped to develop some good habits. One of them was implementing a daily routine, whereby the day was portioned up and everyone in the family was responsible for keeping the house clean and tidy on a daily basis. Was it easy? Not at all! But I was lucky enough to get a review model of the new Dyson vacuum cleaner – Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Pro (Link) which was a game-changer. Since then I`ve been often saying: “This is the best thing I’ve ever owned!”

I always liked how pretty Dyson lookes but I didn’t expect how brilliant it is in use. The first time I used it I was shocked by how much dirt our old vacuum left in the carpet (because the dirt goes directly into the see-through canister)! The children found it absolutely fascinating. They, and also me, learned so much about our house, especially about our problem zones (kitchen and kids rooms) which we need to clean more often. Plus, it has the key technology to keep your house clean from allergens:

Note (according to Dyson) Filtration: 
– The Dyson V11 cord-free vacuum uses six layers of filtration to capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, expelling only clean air. 
– 6 layer filtration: 6 layers of filtration ensures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns is captured, expelling clean air. 
– Whole machine filtration: Keeping all the dust it picks up locked inside the machine, not exhausting out.

If you want to know more about the household dust and how to fight it, here is the Dust Campaign 2020 by Dyson as a free download.

Other things I found incredible are mobility and suction! It’s so easy to use and assemble the tools. It can be easily switched between a normal (stick) vacuum cleaner or as a handheld which is so helpful when you need to pick up dust from delicate or hard to reach places, or even clean your car. Depending on your needs you can switch between 3 different suction modes (eco, auto, or boost) and the extra time (with Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Pro – up to 120min) will allow you to clean the whole house in one go. And you still don`t manage, you can use the extra battery (included in the V11 package). Regardless of the fact this vacuum is cordless, it`s incredibly powerful:

Note (according to Dyson) Suction power: The Dyson V11 cord-free vacuum offers 40% more suction power than its predecessor, the Dyson Cyclone V10 cord-free vacuum. Dyson engineers analysed every detail of the predecessor Dyson digital motor V10. In the new Dyson digital motor V11, which spins at up to 125,000rpm, a triple diffuser is used. The first two diffusers straighten airflow and reduce turbulence, helping to increase the suction, while the third diffuser further reduces noise and improves acoustics.


I feel that keeping a clean home is less about the time involved, and more about getting everyone involved, also the children. Having all the family help out cleaning up the kitchen after dinner or cleaning up toys in the kids’ room can be turned into a nice family activity. And if your kids want to take it to the next level and help you with the vacuum cleaning, Dyson is probably the only vacuum that can make this experience so cool and the most important, safe. Why? Because it’s cordless, the children won’t need to deal with potentially dangerous electrical outlets and can use it independently at any time they want to help with the vacuum cleaning (age appropriately).

There is a range of tools which accompanies Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Pro, here is a note to help you choose the right tool for the right job. 

Pinterest Dyson V 11 Tools
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  1. Mini Motorhead: Motorized brush bar tackles hair and ground-in dirt from furniture and tight spaces.
  2. Stubborn dirt brush: Designed for cleaning coarse or hard-wearing carpets, doormats and high-traffic areas of your home and car.
  3. Mini Soft Dusting Brush: Soft bristles lift dust and allergens from flat surfaces and furniture.
  4. Crevice Tool: For reaching into narrow gaps, like between furniture and behind radiators.
  5. Wand dok clip: for extra storage
  6. Combination tool: Two tools in one, for versatile cleaning around the home.
  7. Dyson V11 extra vacuum battery: 2 replaceable batteries with extra 120 minutes run time
  8. Dyson V11 Soft Roller: The soft fibre design allows you to vacuum on hard floors without the risk of scratching the floor.
  9. Dyson V11 Floor dok: store and charge vacuum at once
  10.  Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Pro: Dyson Hyperdymium motor, Vacuum Stick, High Torque cleaner head –  a powerful brush with Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) technology, the only cleaning head included with the Dyson V11 that is designed for all floor types, but intelligently adapts suction to deep clean carpets and extends run time on hard floors. It has a powerful brush roll that spins up to 60 times per second.
*Ad / This article was created in collaboration with Dyson / Image rights ©Family First & Elena Habicher.

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