Family activities in June

Finally, the summer breeze has arrived! And this first month is promising not only a lot of sun and outdoor activities but also tons of outstanding art and cultural happenings you will not want to miss!

What os for family and kids in june

First of all check and note down our collection of family and kids friendly badi addresses for a great and safe swimming fun activities with kids: Link.

2016-05-30_1003 Secondly, don`t miss ArtBasel this year and take your little one with you! While enjoying this gorgeous and biggest art fair in the world, your kid can enjoy kids art Basel workshops at kids lounge.



Next, don’t miss out on a spectacular cultural happening of the year, the Oper für Alle event at Sechseläutenplatz. It`s also an amazing social gathering and a great and totally free family hangout idea.



667x375_Manifesta_new_1600x900-1Also, this year Zurich city is honoured to be the host of Manifesta – The European Biennial of Contemporary Art. The organisers prepared some interesting workshops, city tours and activities for families and kids too, here are some highlights.


Finally, don`t miss on some cool Family festivals in June. Check out our Open Air Festivals review: Link.