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Single or multiple events, cultural or fun happenings, exciting workshops for kids and family or exclusively for parents – all are welcome on our agenda, totally freeof charge! Post your events and get connected with expat and local families with kids in Switzerland. Your event submission will include an event page and a listing under age categories, activities, and region. It will also be included in our weekend previews. You will also get a simple location page with listing of all the events. For better benefits, you can consider to purchase one of our Listing Packages and connect your events with a customized location page on our listing directory and increase your visibility for your visitors on the Internet. Please keep in mind that only events and happenings that conforms to our Terms and Conditions will be approved and published, and it can take up to a few days.

Manage events

*Events such as courses or other educational workshops, events with a high commercial value can be only published if they are combined with Listing Business+Events or Listing Premium+Events packages. For more prominent advertising opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly and share your ideas and concepts on → info(at)familyfirst.ch. If you have further questions, please check our FAQ where you will find important answers.

Before you start, please check our helpful instructions below ↓

→ Please kindly respect our website and fill out our event submission form correctly and completely filling out all the fields. Otherwise your event will not be published.
→ You can create single and recurring (wiederkehrende Veranstaltung) events:
  • single – no longer than one day – events that happen once
  • recurring (wiederkehrende Veranstaltung) – events that occur more than once in regular intervals (for example every Saturday, Sunday, Monday at 10.00-12.00). It`s helpful if you want to create many single-day events using the same information once. When a recurring event is created, the start and end dates become the starting and ending dates where an event can occur. Each recurrence is treated as a separate event.

Note: Do not set your single event on a long interval (for example 01.10.16-16.10.16) In stead, please create several single events or use recurring option (wiederkehrende Veranstaltung) in the submission form if you want to create many single-day events using the same information once.

→ Please write a correct location name. Each spelling difference will create a new location and your events will be placed on different locations.


→ How to submit a new event on our event agenda? Click on the video below.

→ How to create a recurring event?



→ How to duplicate, delete and edit your posted events?