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Finally, after many months of hard work, sleepless nights, worries, arguments, construction disasters and several delays we could move into our new house. What a great feeling! But what we didn’t expect is that even after several professional post-construction cleanups we would still have to deal with lots of dust. Post-construction dust is inevitable but it is hazardous to our health. We were advised to immediately get a good air purifier and a good vacuum cleaner to clean the air and prevent dust accumulation. Luckily, I could just use all my Dyson devices from our apartment in Zurich – Dyson Air Purifier and Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Pro that I reviewed in one of my previous articles – Link.

Ein gesundes Zuhause mit Dyson

Regardless of the fact, our V11 is cordless, it’s incredibly powerful. There are 3 different suction modes – Eco, Auto, or Boost. In the beginning, battling the post-construction dust, we were using “Boost” suction but now, even with a dog in the house, we vacuum on “Auto”. Cleaning daily, our V11 normally allows us to clean our apartment in one go without losing time on recharging. With the use of an extra battery (included in the V11 Absolute Extra Pro package), the cleaning time can be always extended up to 120min. We also enjoy the different cleaner heads. For example, the Dyson V11 soft roller is ideal for our new oak floors because the soft fibre designed to vacuum on hard floors without the risk of scratching it.

What is very important, Dyson vacuum cleaners pick up the finest dust from the floor and efficient cyclones (cyclones technology help to generate high suction power) keep it in the machine. Filters and seals make sure that it doesn’t get emitted back into your home. 

Facts about V11 Absolute or Absolute Extra Pro:
– High Torque Drive: The nylon brush digs in the carpet for a deep clean, and carbon fibre filament has anti-static properties which help remove fine dust from hard floors.
– 6-layer filtration: 6 layers of filtration ensures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns are captured, expelling clean air like bacteria, pollen, allergens. The Dyson V11 even notifies you when the filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned, it is simply washable!
– Whole machine HEPA filtration: It keeps all the dust it picks up locked inside the machine, not exhausting out.


Dyson has been studying the components of household dust in their microbiology lab since 2001. Household dust (according to the Dyson Global Dust Study) is primarily made up of human skin cells. People shed up to 28g of skin a week – the size of a packet of crisps. However, dust also contains other nasty components, including pet dander, dust mites, dust mite droppings, mould and bacteria. Many of these trigger allergic reactions. Dust mites are microscopic creatures – most people don’t know that they are living in their home. In fact, there can be up to 1’000 dust mites in 1 square metre of carpet, and a million in a single mattress. Each excreting up to 30 pellets a day (this white, flour-like dust in your Dyson bin), which can also trigger an allergic reaction. Dust mite allergies can develop over time, particularly in children.

Household dust is a problem and present in every single home around the world, yet it’s often given little thought. If If you want to know more about household dust and how to fight it, here is the Dust Campaign 2021 by Dyson, also as a free download – Link.

Ein gesundes Zuhause mit Dyson

Ein gesundes Zuhause mit Dyson

Ein gesundes Zuhause mit Dyson

Ein gesundes Zuhause mit Dyson

Ein gesundes Zuhause mit Dyson

Ein gesundes Zuhause mit Dyson

Ein gesundes Zuhause mit Dyson

Ein gesundes Zuhause mit Dyson

*Ad / This article was created in collaboration with Dyson / Image rights ©Family First & Elena Habicher.

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