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Changelog: 01.01.2019

1. We have changed the way we work with EVENTS on our website. Now all event organisers asked to list their event locations on our LISTING DIRECTORY so that we can connect all events with a proper event location page on our directory. If your company has different event locations, please contact us.

2. We have improved our LISTING PACKAGES and added more attractive features, e.g. Newsletter/Facebook/Twitter post and IG Stories for your listing pages, Newsletter/Facebook/Twitter weekly tips for your events, and etc., so that you can fully benefit from our E-Mail and Social Media marketing.

3. When submitting new events, you will have to first consider using your PAST EVENTS to edit and update it with new dates and information. This will save you a lot of time and will help us to run our website better.

Changelog: 17.09.2018

1. We are reviewing our membership terms and cleaning our website from inactive users. Therefore your login to our website is temporarily blocked. You will be informed about your new password reset as soon as we modify our new membership terms.

2. If you want to continue using our website, please kindly confirm your membership by simply replying on info (at) familyfirst.ch. In case we don’t hear from you within one month, your account will be deleted.