Activities for families and kids in July

The month of July is a lot about celebrations: school’s out, great weather and exciting summer activities for families and kids and campings, visits to the city’s best swimming pools and even cool splash parks and water playgrounds!


Zurich fest for family and kids on family first

To begin with, how about celebrating Züri Fäscht with kids? Zurich`s biggest event, a-3-day party with music, concerts, street food and fun street attractions also for kids all over Zurich`s lakeside and along Limmat river!

2016-06-28_0944The next highlight of the month is the legendary Römisches Heerlager in Vindonissa festival, for sure a special event in the life of any child! Knights, fights, medieval settings, your little one will guaranty just love it! 

Familien und Kinder Open Air Festival EtzikenVerpass das Kinder Open Air in Etziken, am 28. Juli, nicht: mit coolen Konzerten, spaßigen Attraktionen und freudigem Lachen für Kinder und die ganze Familie.




Manifesta Zurich für Familien und Kinder

Und dann gibt es immer noch die Manifesta – auch für Kinder! Besuche die Manifesta Familientage in Zürich und lernt mehr über zeitgenössische Kunst und wie toll sie wirklich is.