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With the summer finally here, you’re probably eager for new ideas to start planning your summer holidays as a family. In this case, we have something for you! We just came back from a wonderful long weekend in Tirol, and we’re excited to tell you about our new hotel discovery – Hotel Alpina Wellness & Spa Resort Kössen, a perfect choice for a family holiday or a spa getaway for two (or, for both)!

First of all, Kössen is a beautiful place in Tirol near Kitzbühel, surrounded by calm mountains and romantic forests. Many head to the region to hike and bike, and there is also a fascinating cute lake – Walchsee, also known as the warmest lake in Tirol, where you can spend days enjoying standup paddling and water skiing in summer. Hotel Alpina Kössen is just a few kilometres away from the lake.

Arriving at the Hotel we were happy to discover it had a lot to offer to children – a brand new Parkour indoor playground (which our children later couldn’t have enough of), a big outdoor playground and of course, one outdoor and two indoor pools (and even a family sauna). There is also a very cool sports park in the forest, just 5 min walking distance from the hotel – Motorikpark in Kössen. Hotel Alpina doesn’t offer daycare or babysitter services, but it’s a perfect place for an active family, and this is exactly how we usually like it! During our stay, we could spend a lot of time with the children, playing in the pools and discovering the surroundings together, and at the same time, we could leave the kids in the playroom for a few hours alone and let ourselves enjoy the spa and wellness.

“Hotel Alpina is a perfect place for an active family, and this is exactly how we usually like it!


What is really remarkable about Hotel Alpina Kössen is its abundant spa and wellness (and a large modern fitness club). The hotel boasts state-of-the-art facilities that cater to all your active and relaxation needs. From a variety of saunas and steam baths (altogether 12 to choose from) to treatment rooms where you can indulge in massages and beauty treatments, which makes this hotel a perfect place for a girl’s trip or a getaway destination for romantic couples!

Hotel Alpina Kössen has a range of different rooms, from traditional Alpine styles to very modern contemporary rooms with sleek lines and modern amenities. Also, the dining experience at Hotel Alpina Kössen is another highlight. The buffet restaurant serves a variety of delicious dishes, emphasizing local ingredients and traditional Tirolean cuisine. To keep your energy stable all day long, there will be warm snacks (Jause) offered in the afternoon between a hearty breakfast and a nice dinner to end your day.

For those who love the outdoors, Kössen offers endless opportunities for hiking, biking, and exploring the stunning natural landscapes. The hotel provides easy access to many trails and outdoor activities, as well as offers inhouse mountain bikes (rental free of charge) and an e-bike rental service. We also saw many couples and larger families who have been coming there to celebrate family reunions for many years now.

Our stay at Hotel Alpina Wellness & Spa Resort Kössen was just perfect. And if you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or quality family time with children, Hotel Alpina Kössen has it all.

Hotel Alpina Kössen mit Family First Schweiz


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*Ad. This trip was a press trip organised by Hotel Alpina Wellness & Spa Resort Kössen. Images ©Elena Habicher and Family First.

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