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We all have products that are integral to our everyday life and that we genuinely love to have and use. Here is something I wanted to share with you for so long, a list of things I literally cannot live without. Those things are products I use every single day of my life and usually recommended to all my friends and family. Each of them, I can only nicely suggest you try for yourself but please be aware, you might fell deeply in love with them too!

Meine Lieblingsprodukte für Mamas1. Clinique High Impact Mascara – I don’t usualy spend much time on my makeup but I like to highlight some parts and cover imperfections. Therefore I enjoy almost the entire Clinique makeup line. The price for the quality is excellent and the tone and structure of the products are nicely smooth. It helps me to achieve a calm natural look without being afraid it gets too heavy or mismatched. (The High Impact Mascara is available at cosmetic retail stores as well as on douglas.ch).

Meine Lieblingsprodukte für Mamas - CURAPROX hat mit der Hydrosonic Easy 2. Curaprox Hydrosonic Easy – I remember a few years ago the CEO of Curaprox Ueli Breitschmid told me: “Our toothbrush is the best toothbrush you can put in your mouth!”. We laughed (see on my Instagram post Link) but I totally agree with him. (The Hydrosonic Easy and all brush and Curaprox toothpastes are available in pharmacies and drugstores as well as on curaprox.ch).

Meine Lieblingsprodukte für Mamas - Lavilin Langzeitwirkung Deo Roll On3. Lavilin Deo Roll On – something I genuinely can’t anymore make it through a day without. This natural, aluminium, paraben and palm oil free deodorant destroys completely the sweat smell and gives me incredible confidence whatever I do, even when swimming or do sports. It also saves me from dry-cleaning bills and my clothes from over-washing. For me, the days of the classic deodorants are over. (Can be found on parsenn-drogerie.ch/shop/).

Meine Lieblingsprodukte für Mamas - BaByliss Gold Ceramic Conical Curling Iron4. BaByliss Gold Ceramic Conical Curling Iron – people ususaly think I spend a lot of time curling my long hair, but in reality, I need around 5 min. I just divide my hair into 5 equal parts and gently wrap each around my conical-shaped BaByliss which creates naturally falling curls.  (BaByliss Gold Ceramic Conical Curling Iron can be found on babyliss.ch).

Meine Lieblingsprodukte - Phyto Shampoo5. Phyto Phytomillesime Shampoo and mask – talking about hair, thanks to a PR sample I got a year ago I got totally addicted to this Phyto shampoo and mask for colour-treated hair. It has a pleasant smell and strictures which does an amazing job for my blonde dyed hair. (Phyto products are available at haircare retail stores and on phyto-haircare.ch).

Meine Lieblingsprodukte - 6. Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream – I`ve been pretty much using only Dermalogica skincare products for the last 6 years. It was recommended to me by a knowledgeable cosmetologist from Zurich who advised me about possible treatments for my slowly ageing skin. Since then I`ve been passing on this advice to all my female friends. I used to buy Dermalogica online in the UK, but now they also have an online store that delivers from Switzerland – dermalogica.ch.

Meine Lieblingsprodukte für Mamas - Bi-Oil Professional7.  Bi-Oil Proessional – It`s been almost 3 years ago when I had the great pleasure to test Bi-Oil. The experience left me hooked on it and it has become essential to my skin care routine. Bi-Oil helps with scars, stretch marks and dry skin, and I usually use it after bath as a full body bodylotion. (Bi-Oil is available in pharmacies and drugstores as well as on bi-oilprofessional.de).

Meine Lieblingsprodukte für Mamas8. Crossbody bag – since I have kids I only wear crossbody bags. It`s just super stylish, ultra-lightweight, practical and it can fit all I need: a smartphone, keys, a wallet, a lipstick and an extra dummy. My favoiritecrossbody this season is Lipault.

Meine Lieblingsprodukte für Mamas9. Rossignol Abel Sneakers – talking about comfort, I don’t know what can be more comfortable and suit any dress or pants better than the pair of my Rossignol white leather sneakers. (All collections of Rossignol wear can be found on rossignol.com).

Lieblingsbuch10. Franz Kafka – through my art career (my art website elena-habicher.com) and up until now, Kafka inspired me as a writer and as a person probably the most. I have read all his works in 3 different  languages and I always enjoy to come back to his works and read it all over again. 

*Advertising. Some of the items mentioned in this article were sponsored and some bought by me. I only ever mention products that I would recommend, whether I was being compensated or not. Image rights ©Family First & Elena Habicher.
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