Dear parents, Hi from a first time mama blogger…

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Dear parents,

This is my first blog entry as the mama blogger writing for the new city guide for families with kids in Switzerland. I am so excited to announce, today is the day I am launching my project and the Family First Switzerland website!

Almost a year ago I’ve started thinking about creating something helpful, colourful, urban, resourceful but still sophisticated for local families with kids. I didn`t know what it would be exactly, but I was sure it should be something that I, as a parent would find useful myself. Something like a one-stop-shop for information on what’s on for kids and their parents in town.

I started to research on what the parents really look for when it comes to look for informed and things available for their kids. Asking my friends and random parents I was surprised to discover that actually they were overwhelmed by too many information coming from too many different sources – flayers, websites, social media made and etc. A lot of expat parents felt left alone by not able to access information in German language and therefore made their kids to participate less in local activities. Despite of a lot of information coming from too many different sources, parents both local and expats were ready to have a new city guide created especially for their needs: an easy to use, resourceful website in form of a city guide for made exclusively for families with kids in Switzerland.
Frst, I have collected around 500 different address for family and kids in and around Zurich, all recommended by other local parents and their kids. It’s been 7 month of hard work and now my baby Family First is ready to step in into a big happy world surrounding by active, smart and funny children and their amazing parents.

Enjoy Family First, use all its resources, share with us your recommendations and spread the word to your friends and family and come back more often, there is will be more to come!


Author El: 
I was born, then suddenly started growing up. Never stopped since. I’m a former office girl turned artist, turned thinker, turned maker, turned Family First founder. Outside work I’m a full-time mom of 2 My website: Follow my journey on IG FB  & Twitter

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